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Essential Oils

I ONLY use doTerra essential oils! Here’s why:

  • doTerra oils are CPTG certified. What does that mean? It means certified pure tested grade. They use a highly rigid testing system as well as a third party testing to ensure purity.  You can always trust that what you pay for is what you are getting, with no fillers

  • Does purity matter? YES! Essential oil purity matters. If you use an impure oil that has been adulterated, contaminated, or loaded with synthetic fillers, you will not receive the full natural benefit of the plant. And in some cases, low-quality oils can even be dangerous and pose serious threats to your health!

  • doTerra makes sure that the plants they harvest are sustainable and ethically sourced. They are fair trade, environmentally conscious and ensure fair labor and pay for their workers, as well as giving back to the communities they work with through community development and outreach.

  • They clearly label their products and post safety information as well.


Why use essential oils?

Doterra in latin means “gift of the Earth”. Essential oils are essentially a plant medicine that comes from distilling the plants and extracting their essence to get the purest most concentrated part of the plant. They are very healing, many are antibacterial and antimicrobial, and can be diffused, ingested or applied topically to the skin. In a world where the majority of people rely on pharmaceuticals for health (which almost always are derived from plants anyway) it makes sense that going to the actual SOURCE of the plant itself can be more healing than a synthetic drug.

Essential oils are versatile. In addition to their healing benefits, they can also replace chemical cleaning products! You can even add them into household products like soap or shampoo. You can even use them for baking! The possibilities are endless. This is why I am a HUGE proponent of using essential oils.




Order Essential Oils

If you would like to purchase essential oils, I often carry some in stock. Just message me to ask and i'll have them ready for you when you come in. Or if you would like to place an order online, you can do so by clicking the button above.

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