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person getting a deep tissue massage

The TRUTH About Deep Tissue Massage: Expert Tips and Common Misconceptions

By Crystle Castle / June 20, 2024 /

Is your deep tissue doing more harm than good? Many people (including massage therapists!) often misunderstand what “deep tissue” really means. That’s because it’s subjective, and varies from person to person. What one person may consider deep is not what someone else might consider deep. The problem with this is that when done incorrectly, a…

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Health in Just 21 Days?

By Crystle Castle / June 8, 2024 /

Do you frequently feel tired, sluggish, bloated or struggle with weight gain, brain fog, and low energy? Have you tried fad diets only to yo-yo back and forth? If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then it’s time for a reset! Join my 21-Day Detox & Cleanse and kickstart your journey to better health. Open enrollment…

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A young woman reaches for a flower

Trauma Informed Bodywork and Healing Childhood Trauma

By Crystle Castle / April 26, 2024 /

As a healthcare practitioner and survivor of childhood trauma, I understand the profound impact that childhood trauma can have on an individual’s mental and physical well-being. If you’ve experienced abandonment, neglect, abuse, or violence during your formative years, it’s essential to acknowledge that these wounds may continue to influence your daily life, even if you’re…

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Reiki Massage

How Reiki Massage Helps Emotional Release

By Crystle Castle / April 22, 2024 /

For those of you wondering… “What is a Reiki Massage?” “How can Reiki Massage help heal emotional and energetic blockages?” Or “Is Reiki Massage for me?” I’ve got answers! Let’s get into it. I recently saw a new client who’d signed up for a Reiki Massage. (For those of you who don’t know, Reiki Massage…

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Spider Medicine, Ancestral Healing, Spider web

Spider Medicine & Ancestral Healing

By Crystle Castle / March 4, 2024 /

Finding My Way Back to My Roots I am startled awake by a booming clap of thunder. My room briefly illuminates in a flash of lightning, fading into darkness just as quickly. Another rumbling boom of thunder shakes my house, followed by another, and now, I am wide awake. I check the clock- it’s 5:30…

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Chronic Pain

The Silent Burden of Chronic Pain

By Crystle Castle / February 26, 2024 /

Understanding the struggle of living in chronic discomfort By Crystle Castle, BS, LMT, RMH. Suffering in silence is the high price paid by those of us living with chronic pain. No matter what we do, complaining about it doesn’t help, and nothing seems to make it go away. So, we go about our daily lives,…

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Join my 21 day cleanse for the new year!

By Crystle Castle / December 30, 2023 /

My cleanse isn’t like others on the market, because I know you’re a WHOLE person. That means we need to address your mind and soul in addition to the body. Because let’s face it- if your MIND isn’t in the game, your body won’t follow. That’s why I’ve included ways to help you improve your spiritual,…

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My Story: From Childhood Trauma To Healing

By Crystle Castle / December 11, 2023 /

When I think of my childhood, I think of a very few fond memories mixed with a lot of sad ones. I remember fishing with my grandpa with my Mickey Mouse fishing rod.  And I remember crying because my Daddy didn’t want me.  Like so many others, my mother was a single mom, having left…

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8 Aspects of Trauma Informed Bodywork That EVERYONE Should Know

By Crystle Castle / November 30, 2023 /

The other day I went to get a massage, and during the session, my trauma was triggered. The therapist was clearly in a funk, and I sensed their stressed energy upon arrival. They didn’t warm up my tissues first, and immediately dove deep, several times triggering my fight or flight response. My muscles tightened up…

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By Crystle Castle / November 21, 2023 /

Get HALF OFF on all 2-hour REIKI MASSAGE SESSIONS & GIFT CERTIFICATES! Get half off on all 2 hour reiki massages now through midnight on 11/27! Reiki Massage is a deeply relaxing and healing combination of therapeutic massage and energy work. Reiki is a form of energy work that enhances healing and relaxation. Reiki is…

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