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Recovering From Surgery? Post-Op Massage Can Help!

People often ask me if post op massage is a good idea. I always advise that it’s best to ask your doctor, as every case is different, but in general, many people find that post-op massage increases healing time and aids in recovery. Why?


  • Massage increases blood flow, aids in circulation, and improves the flow of chi (life force energy). Post-op massage is helpful for bringing oxygenated blood and chi to painful areas and moving stagnant blood and chi out of them, thereby improving the body’s ability to heal and decreasing healing time.


  • Massage reduces mental, physical, and emotional stress, which is often the cause of increased inflammation, pain, and discomfort. Reducing stress decreases pain and inflammation, bringing peace and comfort to a person healing from surgery.


  • Massage aids in healing scar tissue, which often occurs after surgery. Scar tissue inhibits mobility, blood flow, and can cause pain. Massage on scars helps to break up the scar tissue, improve range of motion, and decrease pain.


Are you recovering from surgery? I can help! Message me today to see if post-op massage is right for you!