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Why Learn Meditation…

Why learn meditation? Because it has SO many benefits! Meditation can increase your health, happiness, and harmony in life. Regular meditation has been shown to boost immunity and improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and stress hormones, reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, help improve emotional and spiritual health, and improve memory and focus, just to name a few! I believe the benefits of meditation are cumulative, meaning they increase the more you do it!

My first experience with meditation was through the Buddhist community here in Boise. I got the opportunity to experience meditation with a real Tibetan rinpoche. I remember that it was incredible, and I had my very first taste of oneness! It was like being in a sea of awareness. I felt peace like I’d never felt before. This spurred my curiosity and to begin learning all sorts of meditation styles. In 2000, I got trained in Yoga Nidra, a style of guided meditation created by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Today, I incorporate Buddhist, Indian, and Tibetan and Western styles of meditation into my teachings.

Many people say that meditation is hard for them. The most common thing I hear from my students is “I can’t silence my mind.” The thing I want people to understand is that the goal of meditation is not to silence the mind. Rather, it is to learn how to remember that you ARE NOT THE MIND. You are the CONSCIOUSNESS which has a mind. You are the observer, or the THINKER OF THOUGHTS. In meditation, you learn to become the observer of your thoughts, and not allow your thoughts to control you.

One of my favorite styles of meditation to lead is guided meditation. Guided meditation is not technically meditation, because true meditation is silent. Guided meditation helps us to reign in the mind by “following the leader”. In this way, we let the leader show us how not to allow the mind to wander off. Just like a dog on a leash, the more leash you give the mind, the more it will lead you astray. The shorter the leash, the more you will be able to stay on the path you wish to follow. Meditation trains us to reel in the leash, and guided meditation is like the dog trainer. One the dog is trained, it no longer needs a trainer.

There really is no right or wrong way to meditate- there are just some ways that work better than others. Each individual is different, and therefore they need to find what works best for them. This is why I recommend my 6 week meditation program. Each week we work with a different style of meditation. I give my students a variety of different tools to carry in their toolbox, and they can decide which ones work best for them.

In the 6 week course, you will learn:

Tibetan (Mindfulness) Meditation
Buddhist (Metta) Meditation
Transcendental (Mantra) Meditation
Focused (Candle) Meditation
Movement (Walking) Meditation
Guided (Visualization) Meditation

The class schedule will be to meet for one hour in person or over zoom once a week for six weeks, and each week you will be working on a different style of meditation. You will receive homework for each week.

Click the link below to sign up! I am looking forward to being your meditation guide!