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Thai Massage for Summer

photo by Nick Kenrick

What makes summer a great time for Thai Massage?

Thai Massage comes from Thailand- the land of smiles and sunshine. The modality originated in a warm climate, and is best done when it’s warm out. This helps the body to become looser and more malleable. For this reason, Thai massage is more commonly received in the summer than winter.


Ancient temple inscription describing Sen lines

In Thai massage, the recipient is fully clothed on a mat on the floor, as opposed to traditional table massage, where the recipient is naked on a massage table. The practitioner uses compression, stretching, rocking, tapotement (tapping) and acupressure along the Sen (energy) lines of the body to open up the channels and release blockages.



Thai massage is deeply restorative and relaxing. 

This modality can be deeper than a traditional massage since the practitioner uses their body weight, sometimes even kneeling or standing on the client and using their feet to apply pressure.


Crystle performing Thai Massage

Although Thai massage is suitable for most people, it is not recommended for people with disc issues, very obese people, pregnant women or those who cannot easily get up and down from the floor.

If you’re interested in getting a Thai massage, please check out the link in my bio to schedule online, and do not hesitate to DM me with any questions or concerns!